How to make a donation...

Donations can be made through our Make-a-Donation site at  

To donate you first have to set up an account but once you've done that you'll get reward vouchers each time you donate to a charity.

Extreme Team 2K17! is underway!

The team here at The Theatre Shed, along with the members of the company have set themselves a series of Xtreme challenges all in the name of Shed. 

By taking ourselves outside of our comfort zones, walking, climbing, running, jumping and singing like we have never done before we are hoping to raise a whopping 7K, yes seven thousand pounds by the time autumn hits and the first leaves start turning brown.

Keep looking on facebook for photos and videos of our challenges.

We have many more challenges coming up. Just check our donation page to see what we are up to, and donate donate donate!

Want to get involved and join a challenge? Just let us know!

Shed Savers
Become a 'Shed Saver' by providing a monthly donation of only £2. (click here for more info)

Anyone can set up a fund raising page to raise money for The Theatre Shed, e.g. a sponsored event. A fundraising page is a great way to keep tabs of the donations made on-line, to allow people to leave messages of encouragement, and to also keep a commentary on how things are progressing.

If you are taking part in a sponsored event - please let us know as we'll add a special mention on our website.

For further information on making donations please contact