Tom Connor

Thomas Connor is a professional actor-musician who trained both at Sylvia Young Theatre School and the Bournemouth Arts University. His talents have taken him around the country with numerous actor-musician productions and he won a British Pantomime Award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in 2016 for his roll in Beauty and the Beast at the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool.

“It is of great importance for our young people to have spaces in which they can express themselves and work together as equals. So much of their development is based around a strict curriculum of targets set to achieve a uniform standard. There are important disciplines to learn within that system, but The Theatre Shed offers them the opportunity to take ownership of something outside of that environment. To develop all that is unique to them as an individual and apply that to a creative process.

Having worked with them as a tutor in the past I have seen how trans-formative it can be for everyone within that creative space. It is a luxury that not all have access too. It must be nurtured, protected and when necessary provided for to ensure it is there for the young people involved and future generations.”