Alice started volunteering as a mentor for The Theatre Shed in 2009. Her main reason for this was to use her experience as an actor to encourage and support the members of her local theatre group. Following in her grandfathers (Kenneth Connor) footsteps, she grew up in the Film and Television industry in front of the camera.

Over her years as a mentor, Alice began to develop a passion for Shed’s ethos of inclusivity, so much so that she went on to gain a 1st Class Honours degree in Psychology specialising in Educational Psychology.

The Theatre Shed welcomed Alice into the Artistic Team in 2016 where she now works as a Practitioner, putting her knowledge and experience into developing the performance and social skills of our young people as well as facilitating the growth of the company itself.

Alice, continues to pursue her acting career in film and television and aspires to be in a position to facilitate the change in society that Shed achieves with ease every week. No boundaries, an open door for all where anything and everything is possible!